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Additional Dwelling Units

We Turn Your Garages into Dream Rooms – Add on to your home instead of moving!

Whether you are planning a room addition or adding an ADU you will add value to your home. An addition is an investment in your immediate need and makes your property more attractive to buyers when you are ready to sell in the future.

An ADU (granny unit) provides you with an income when you rent out and some cities offer incentives to build an ADU as housing is in high demand in the Bay Area. The options are endless.

You can add bathrooms, bedrooms, home office space, living spaces, and kitchens, and if you are short on space, even 2nd story additions.

Additional Dwelling Unites service
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A room addition to your own home allows you to remain in the secure surroundings you have come accustomed to living in. Whether you have a new member of the family coming to live with you permanently or you have a new child, sometimes you need more room to help your family grow.

Unlike buying a new home, home addition is more cost-effective and has less risk involved with the financing or loss of savings with the added bonus that you know what is being added and to your exact specifications. Green Group Remodeling provides a free consultation and estimate for your room addition or ADU.

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Our team offers a wealth of expert information and helpful tips that have been developed through years of room additions and recent ADU boom. We will ensure that space is utilized and you will enjoy your addition for years to come.

Green Group Remodeling will be with you every step of the way. From design, to permit, and inspections. Rest assured that your project will go smoothly.

We love servicing our community by making happy customer’s one client at a time.

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