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New Construction Service

Don’t want to go through the hassle of planning and preparing for a full house renovation of your old house? Would you rather build a new one instead? If you want to have a brand new house constructed according to a design you have finalized, then our new construction services are just the right fit for you.

Our expert professionals ensure the final result will be just like what you had wanted from the beginning, a house that has your touch all over it.

New Construction
New Construction service near me

Why choose us:

We, at Green Group Remodeling, provide a whole host of services, and constructing new homes is one of them. We ensure you get a brand new home, built from the ground up, according to what you had envisioned. We make sure the house doesn’t sacrifice function for form and install every bit of the fittings and fixtures accordingly. 

We also keep your budget in mind when building a new home for you. Our experts will discuss even the most minute details with you before and during the construction. We make sure the new home is the best one you will get within your budget. From insulating the home to choosing the best possible materials, our professionals will work tirelessly to make your dream come true.

New Construction

What should you know:

Building a new house in the state of California takes about seven months on average. The time will depend on a lot of factors, like the scope of the work, how big the house is, and the design of your home. If you want high-end materials for the construction, their availability will also play a big role in determining how long will the construction take. 

With that being said, we assure you our services are efficient and quick. When you come to us for our services, we will give our best to ensure you are satisfied. From drywall to plumbing and electrical wiring, our professionals will complete every aspect of new construction with utmost precision and professionalism.

professional New Construction

We will ensure that space is utilized and you will enjoy your addition for years to come. Green Group Remodeling will be with you every step of the way. From design, to permit, and inspections. Rest assured that your project will go smoothly.

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