A large kitchen with a sky-high ceiling and stylish designs is a dream for everyone. But in reality, everyone is not blessed with a large space for a kitchen. If you also have a small kitchen, then don’t worry because you are not alone. With the right small-space solutions and some modern design ideas, you will have a well-renovated and stylish kitchen, no matter what is the size of your kitchen. For this, you should have to hire professional kitchen remodeling contractors in Concord.

Here are some tips and tricks for making your kitchen look stylish and feel spacious.

Determine Your Budget

First of all, you are advised to decide how much you want to spend on a kitchen renovation project. This is an important step because without determining your budget, it can get out of control. You can break down your budget according to the categories like furniture, appliances, painting, lighting, etc.

Remove Upper Cabinets

If you have a small kitchen, you can remodel it by removing the upper cabinets and trying the open shelves instead of them. It will help you create extra storage as well as display your favorite cookbooks or crockery collection. You can also save your dollars by simply removing the doors of your cabinets to create open shelving.

Opt For Slimmer Cabinets

Slim cabinets are a great option if you have a small kitchen area. They are less deep as compared to normal cabinets. Thus, it will help you save kitchen space which can be further used for other purposes.

Add Task Lighting

When having a small kitchen area, you should add task lighting. Installing the lights over the countertops and sink area will not only brighten your workspace but also add some shiny style to your kitchen.

Create a Pull-Out Pantry

Adding shelves or cabinets to store dry goods will take up too much space. So, when having a small kitchen space, it is a good idea to opt for a pull-out pantry. It makes use of an awkward nook and hides all the dry goods behind a door.

Hope, these ideas will help you renovate your small kitchen in a perfect way. So, get the kitchen of your dreams today by hiring a reputed kitchen remodeling company like Green Group Remodeling. We offer design-inspired solutions to create spaces that fit your style and daily living needs. Call us today to get your dream kitchen started!