Bathroom remodeling is one of the most important aspects of home remodeling, and hence it needs special care. When you renovate your bathroom, you must plan accordingly and ensure all of these plans are executed perfectly. One of the things you must take care of before remodeling your home is the permit to do so. 

So, do you need a permit to remodel a bathroom? Well, it depends on a few things. First, if they’re smaller work, such as painting the walls, or changing the flooring of the bathroom, you won’t need a permit.

On the other hand, if you make significant structural changes to the bathroom or the work goes above a particular cost threshold, you will need a permit.

Let’s take a deeper look at when you will need a permit to remodel your bathroom and when you will not. 

Do I need a permit to remodel my bathroom?

bathroom remodel permit

During home renovation, kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling take up most of the time and budget. As a result, you have to take extra care when planning for these works.

When you plan for bathroom remodeling, you also must keep an eye out for whether you will need any bathroom remodel permits to do so. 

Not all of your work when remodeling your bathroom will need permits for bathroom remodel, and you can not do a few things in your bathroom without obtaining one.

Let’s take a look at when you will need a permit and when you won’t. 

When do you need a permit to remodel a bathroom?

The following instances are when you will need a permit for your bathroom renovation work. Keep these in mind during bathroom remodel planning. 

permits for bathroom remodel
  • When you alter the plumbing: If you need to alter the plumbing in your bathroom, you might need to change the position of the pipes. You will also need to change various valves as well. When you do that, you will be altering the original plan for your building, and hence, you will need to obtain a permit for bathroom remodeling
  • If you move your sinks or tubs: When you move your sinks or tubs, you will have to reroute the position of the pipes. You will also have to reconfigure your bathroom’s pipes to ensure they can reach these newly positioned sinks or tubs. In that case, you have to get a permit to remodel bathrooms
  • When you add a new bathroom: Another instance when you must obtain a permit is when you add a new bathroom to your house. Not only are you altering the building’s original plans, but you will also have to install, reroute and reconfigure a lot of pipes when doing so, necessitating remodeling permits
  • Demolishing load-bearing walls: Load-bearing walls are the walls in your building that have significant structural importance to the building. When you demolish such a wall in your bathroom, you must obtain a permit to do so, as you are changing the building plans. Doing this will also potentially put your building at risk, which is also why you have to have a permit. 
  • Adding windows, doors, or any other new openings: If you want to add a new window, door, or any other kind of opening in your bathroom, you must get a permit. Doing so will ensure these openings are structurally sound and pose no threat to the structural integrity of the building.
  • Altering the ventilation system: Another time you must get a permit for bathroom remodeling work is when you add or remove any part of the ventilation system in your bathroom. Since these systems are integral to the safety of the building, changing them without a permit will not be possible. 
  • Changing the number of drain lines: If you need to change the number of drain lines in your bathroom, you need to get a permit. These drain lines can cause serious damage if handled incorrectly. This is the reason a permit is required before adding or removing them. 
  • Doing any kind of electrical work: No matter what kind of electrical remodeling you do, if it involves tinkering with the electrical lines inside the wall, you must obtain a permit.  
  • Parking for the workers: Parking can be the cause of major hassle, especially if you live in a bustling neighborhood. When the workers will work on your bathroom, they will need to park their vans close to your home, so that they can work easily. But doing so might cause issues for other people in the area. So, if you need a place for your workers to park, you need to obtain a permit, that will designate the area they are working on as a construction area, and let them park accordingly.
  • Cost threshold: Finally, some areas have a cost threshold, beyond which you have to obtain a permit, no matter what are you doing. For example, if the cost threshold of your area is $4000, then you have to obtain a permit for any remodeling work beyond $4000. 

When you will not need a permit

As we have said before, not all aspects of your bathroom remodeling work will require you to get a permit. Here are some instances where you will not need a permit:

1. When you are painting your bathroom: When you paint your bathroom, you are not changing anything structurally, rather you are only changing your bathroom’s aesthetics. So, it will not necessitate getting a permit. 

2. When you are changing your flooring: similar to painting, swapping one kind of flooring for another is no structural change. As a result, you will not need a permit. But if you install tiles or add a subfloor, you will need permits. 

3. Changing countertops: Just like changing flooring, changing the countertops of your bathroom has no structural effect. So, you don’t need to worry about getting a permit for this. 

Do I need a permit for my renovation?
Permit for Bathroom Remodeling

Final Words

Whenever we face the question, “Do you need a permit for bathroom remodeling?” we suggest first consulting with the client’s local authorities.

Different areas have different requirements for getting permits for bathroom remodeling. We, at Green Group Remodeling, will inform you when you will need a permit and when you will not when we are working with you. 


1. Can I remodel my own bathroom?

It is technically possible to remodel your own bathroom, but it will be extremely hard to do so. Since bathroom remodeling needs detailed planning and strenuous work, you should leave it to professional bathroom remodeling services.

2. What is the difference between a bathroom remodel and a renovation?

Although the terms remodeling and renovation are used interchangeably, they do have a small difference. Remodeling a bathroom means changing the form of the whole bathroom or a part of it while renovating a bathroom means properly repairing an old bathroom into a new one. 

3. What happens if you go through a bathroom remodel without a permit?

Adding a bathroom without a permit, or renovating it with one, will result in you facing severe penalties. You might even have to pay a fine of up to $1000 for this.