“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley


Creating the master bathroom of your dreams is a very personal process – everyone has a different focus when considering a master bathroom renovation in their home. Some people are eager for more space, some people are most excited about starting over with something fresh and clean and modern, while others are focused on getting the big, bad bathtub of their wildest dreams. And then, there are shower people.

If you’re a shower person, you’re probably dreaming most about the possibilities of creating a spa-like shower experience in your own home, because you know how much it would add to your life. There are so many ways to make your shower remodel into a major life upgrade and a good investment; even talking about showering seems to lower stress levels, so let’s go for it.

shower remodelWhy a Shower Remodel?

Including a shower remodel in your bathroom renovation is a major investment in your health; the health benefits associated with a high-quality shower experience—such as improved skin and hair health, and the therapeutic effects of water and relaxation on our physical and mental well-being —underscore the importance of making the investment. An upgraded shower is not just a luxury; it’s a commitment to your health, offering daily dividends in comfort, health, and peace.

Secondly, an upgraded shower can significantly improve water efficiency, leading to considerable savings on utility bills, and helping to conserve resources on this precious planet. Modern showers are designed with eco-friendly technologies that can dramatically reduce water usage without compromising on performance. This not only benefits the environment, but also offers significant long-term financial savings.

A stylish and well-designed shower remodel can greatly increase the aesthetic appeal and overall value of your home. Bathrooms are often make-or-break for potential buyers, and a renovated bathroom with a modern shower can make your property more attractive on the market, should you ever decide to sell your home.

Those are just a few of the many reasons to invest in some shower upgrades. Now, on to the fun part – what exactly do we mean, by upgrade?

9 Pro Tips For Designing the Shower Remodel of Your Dreams

Focus on High-Quality Materials

Using high-quality materials can add an instantly luxurious feel to your shower remodel. These materials not only look stunning in your space and are a sensory joy, but also are durable and timeless, creating a long-lasting and beautiful bathroom. Here are some examples of materials favored for their premium quality and appeal:

Porcelain Tiles: Known for their durability and low maintenance, porcelain tiles are a popular choice for both floor and wall applications. They come in a variety of designs, including patterns that mimic natural stone or wood, offering versatility in design while being water and stain-resistant.

Natural Stone: Materials like marble, granite, and slate add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to any bathroom. Each piece of stone is unique, providing a distinctive look. These materials are durable and, with proper sealing, can be resistant to moisture and stains.

Quartz Countertops: Quartz is a manufactured stone that has gained popularity due to its durability and the wide range of colors and patterns available. It’s non-porous, making it highly resistant to staining and bacteria growth, ideal for bathroom environments.

Glass Shower Doors: Upgrading to thick, tempered glass shower doors can elevate the look of your bathroom significantly. Glass doors make the space appear larger and more open while offering a sleek and modern appeal.

Solid Wood Cabinetry: High-quality solid wood cabinets are not only durable but also add warmth and elegance to the bathroom. With proper ventilation to control humidity, wood can withstand bathroom conditions and maintain its beauty for years.

Composite Flooring: Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and waterproof composite wood floors are excellent for those who want the look of natural wood without the risk of water damage. These materials are waterproof, durable, and easy to maintain, making them perfect for bathroom use.

shower remodelHigh-Efficiency Fixtures

Investing in high-quality, water-efficient fixtures like toilets, faucets, and showerheads can save water and reduce utility bills without sacrificing performance. Brands that offer these eco-friendly options often also focus on modern, sleek designs.

Incorporating multiple shower heads into the design of your shower remodel can transform your shower into a spa sanctuary, and high quality fixtures  such as overhead rain showers, filtration shower heads for better water quality and hair health, and even shower heads that incorporate mood LED lighting can really elevate your space.

Steam Shower 

Incorporating a steam generator into your shower remodel plan can transform a regular shower into a luxurious spa experience. Steam showers are great for relaxation and have various health benefits, such as improved circulation and detoxification.

Smart Showers

In contemporary bathroom design, digital controls allow users to precisely adjust water temperature, flow rate, and even the direction of water jets with the touch of a button, ensuring each shower is perfectly tailored to individual preferences. Some digital shower controls come equipped with programmable profiles, enabling users to save their ideal shower settings for quick access. Imagine stepping into your shower and, with a single touch, activating a pre-set profile that adjusts the water to your preferred temperature, activates a rainfall showerhead for a gentle, soothing flow, and even turns on integrated LED lights for ambiance. 

Some smart showers can even be controlled via app, allowing users to start their shower from bed, so it’s ready the moment they step into the bathroom. This level of control not only elevates the showering experience but also contributes to water conservation by delivering water at the desired temperature more efficiently, reducing waste. 

Shower Seating

Adding a built-in bench to your shower remodel not only provides the convenience of having a place to sit, prop a leg for shaving, or place a basket of self-care tools, but it also adds an element of comfort and luxury just by the visual aesthetic itself. 

Incorporating seating also makes the shower more accessible for those who may need to be seated while bathing, which is great for both resale value, and for accommodating older people in your family, or those with special physical needs.

Thoughtful Lighting

Implementing adjustable lighting with waterproof LED lights can significantly affect the mood and ambiance of the shower, offering a tranquil and immersive experience. Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a holistic healing method that employs the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical health positively. Each color is believed to correspond with certain physical and emotional aspects of our well-being, offering unique healing properties. 

For example, blue light is often associated with calmness and serenity, making it beneficial for stress reduction and promoting relaxation. It’s used to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Red light, on the other hand, is believed to stimulate energy and can help to boost circulation and revitalize the body, making it beneficial for those feeling fatigued or lethargic. Green, considered the most balancing hue, is thought to encourage harmony and tranquility, beneficial for heart health and stress relief. 

Chromotherapy is increasingly being incorporated into wellness practices, as a non-invasive, complementary treatment option that supports overall health and well-being by harnessing the power of color, and you can include it in your shower remodel.

shower remodelSound System 

A high-quality, waterproof sound system can allow users to listen to music, podcasts, or ambient sounds, making the shower experience more enjoyable and personalized. Depending on your budget, there are a range of options for the audiophile shower lover.

Waterproof bluetooth speakers specifically designed for bathroom environments are common; they can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, offering a seamless integration without worrying about water damage. For a more integrated solution, consider installing a showerhead with a built-in wireless speaker, allowing you to stream your favorite playlists, podcasts, or soothing sounds directly from your smartphone or tablet. 

On the high end, built-in sound systems with speakers discreetly embedded in the walls or ceiling provide  superior sound quality and seamless design integration. When planning your shower remodel, prioritize speakers that offer easy connectivity and control options, so you can effortlessly adjust volume and selections from within the shower. By combining water-resistant technology with high-quality audio, you can create a personal oasis that elevates your showering experience.

Heated Floors and Towel Racks

Incorporating radiant floor heating adds an extra layer of luxury by ensuring that the floor outside of your shower is warm and comfortable. This innovative heating system involves installing electric heating coils or water-heated tubing beneath the bathroom flooring, which then radiates warmth upwards, evenly heating the room and providing a cozy surface underfoot. 


Unlike traditional heating methods that can lead to uneven temperatures and cold spots, radiant floor heating ensures a uniform warmth that eliminates the chill from tiles, making early mornings and post-shower experiences significantly more pleasant. Beyond the immediate comfort, radiant heating is also energy efficient, as it heats objects directly without the need for circulating air, leading to less heat loss and potentially lower heating bills. Furthermore, it operates silently and doesn’t distribute allergens, making it an excellent option for those with allergies. Installing radiant heating during a bathroom remodel not only adds a touch of luxury but also increases the home’s value, making it a worthwhile investment for both comfort and financial return.

Water Filtration System 

Installing a water filtration system in the bathroom offers a multitude of benefits, enhancing both health and the overall bathing experience. Filtration systems are designed to remove chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants from tap water, resulting in cleaner, purer water for showering, bathing, and washing. This is particularly beneficial for skin and hair health, as filtered water helps to maintain natural oils, reducing dryness, irritation, and the risk of developing eczema or dandruff. 

Moreover, filtered water can significantly improve the quality of the air within the bathroom by reducing the amount of chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that vaporize during hot showers, leading to a healthier breathing environment. 

Additionally, a filtration system can protect plumbing fixtures from the buildup of minerals and limescale, extending their lifespan and maintaining their performance. By mitigating the harsh effects of unfiltered water, a bathroom water filtration system not only safeguards health but also enhances the sensory pleasure of water-related activities, making every bath or shower a more refreshing and revitalizing experience.


By incorporating these elements into your shower remodel, you can transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat of relaxation and rejuvenation. When you’re ready to begin, we can’t wait to hear from you.