For years minimalism came into our lives and broke the paradigms of a society that decades ago tended to produce more and more content to fill in the blanks. If in the heyday of modern kitchen design, they had told you that the inclusion of soft colors, uniform textures, and shapes as simple as possible was not going to cause a visual impact, we might not have believed them, but fashion has something different to tell us, simplicity is the future.

This design is very prominent today, especially for that room we all like to be in modern kitchens, so it is understandable that if you have come this far it is because you want to know the different ways you can apply the concept of « less is more” and enjoy a clean and familiar space that represents the complexity of the design in just a few details.

Main characteristics of this trend

As its name indicates, minimalism is about the scarcity of elements in a scene to reduce the beauty of a specific space to its maximum expression, providing enough elements to carry out daily activities in this room in a comfortable and practical way. what would become known as the “skeleton” of the room? That is precisely the key to the success of this line of design, not focusing on the elements but on utility.

The cupboards, the sinks, even the faucets are characterized by being simple, with lacquered finishes and preferably showing a tendency towards right angles and the prevalence of neutral tones, such as grey, white and black, being one of the most outstanding products in this design line the Helvex brand taps. Likewise, a very common resource is to camouflage the appliances with the other furniture, giving the illusion of harmony and simplicity.

If you want to go a step further in the minimalist decoration and the inclusion of elements that follow the line of colors and the utility factor, you can choose to place a table on the wall where you can hang some kitchen utensils in an organized way, such as knives or pans.

Similarly, the floor should match the color tones of the rest of the furniture, appliances, and utensils. It is best to use neutral but not bright colors, preferably matching a representative element of the room; For this, we recommend opting for the Arko floors and coverings brand, which offers the best solutions for each type of design.

Layout Tricks

In terms of the elements that can be included in the decoration of modern kitchens, there is a certain consensus, however, things get complicated when the issue of the organization must be addressed; The issue is that there is no universal parameter or manual that indicates the appropriate way to distribute the elements in kitchens, mainly because this depends on the subjective experience that is to be represented.

For example, large families will prefer more space to be able to live simultaneously in the kitchen and have cupboards large enough to store all the clothing, enough for each member to have their place at the table; On the other hand, couples without children will be in search of a more welcoming space where they can take their first steps as a family.

The ultimate goal is that when entering your kitchen you can perceive the conjunction between harmony and neatness of the minimalist style, without abandoning the useful and efficient factor of modern kitchens.

Likewise, when decorating under this design line, a maximum of two shades of color should be used, but they cannot be any type of nuance, it is important that they contrast with each other and that color difference allows the objects in the room to be differentiated from the walls and floors. It is common to find that white is the base tone due to its association with cleanliness and harmony, and from here combine it with outstanding tones that do not saturate the view.

In terms of materials, it is preferable to opt for smooth finishes and not use too many patterns that break with the simplicity of the place; but without that represents that it is a boring decoration or that it does not exploit the personality that it seeks to represent.

In short, the objective to have the best modern kitchens that opt ​​for minimalism is to maintain simplicity and cleanliness and that the entire design revolves around utility; If you want the most professional results, we invite you to visit our salesrooms.