White kitchens are synonymous with glamour, they are also popular and timeless. From white ceramic floors, cabinets, appliances, different parts where you can add white in the kitchen. Without a doubt, it is a safe color for renovations, it is a classic tone, it also stands the test of time since it is a fresh and clean color.

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Aspects to consider in a remodeling where what is desired is a white kitchen
When we talk about a white kitchen, we are not referring to building a simple place without originality, but to a space with this tone, which offers many decoration options, decorative accessories and contrasts with other colors. Contrary to popular belief, just because a kitchen is white does not mean it should be monotonous and without character. Flashes of color will make the white features of your kitchen remodel stand out even more. For example, you can put Arko floors and coverings in a contrasting tone to highlight the white of the cabinets.

On the other hand, white kitchens are modern and have possibilities to create unique, elegant and modern designs. You can, for example, put white cabinets with decoration on straight edges. In this sense, both the cabinets and the floor are elements that can act as accessories that can add a varied look to a white kitchen. Good planning in decoration and design means that not a single white kitchen is the same.

When talking about white it is not a single tone, in fact there is a great variety, that is why it is important to analyze well before making a choice. This also includes natural lighting, ceiling height, wall color, plus these points will affect the appearance of a color in modern kitchens.

On the other hand, it is common to wonder if white ever becomes too much. Perhaps for certain people, having white furniture is crossing the limits or they have the feeling that they will be lost with the walls. The truth is that you can put as much white as you want. If it’s too intense, you can always add some accents in other colors or some eye-catching paint to brighten up the space.

In addition, white always gives a feeling of more space, a kitchen with this color looks and feels much bigger. Therefore, when it is the predominant tone, it is normal to enjoy a more spacious and luminous sensation.

It is true, a white kitchen is aesthetic and attractive, but at some point it can become intimidating or even feel flat or without warmth. So to create a warm and comforting white kitchen, you’ll need to add some contrast. The contrasts do not necessarily have to be bright colors, even colors like black or gray can work quite well. Also, shades like light peach can be enough to offset an overload of white.

Perhaps you consider that because it is a white kitchen you can no longer use white accessories, because the truth is that it is not like that. You don’t have to stay away from white accessories. You can place accessories with this shade in your kitchen; however, it is best if these elements have some color included, which will give a good contrast. To keep it from looking cluttered, one of the things you can do is try mixing different colored accessories along with your white pieces to provide contrast.

For the best décor, also consider the type of flooring, its color, and how it will match the rest of the décor. If you want it white or with some texture. At the same time, you must find a balance in decoration and design; and, in addition to the aesthetics of the place, that it be functional, that users can move freely, that it be a comfortable and quiet space.