How to budget bathroom remodeling? There are several ways to cut costs and still have a great-looking room when you are done. One way is to purchase things off from the Marketplace or other areas where you can find used items. The items aren’t always used either. If your bathroom is fairly small you might find the right tile that was leftover from a job that a contractor did or a light fixture that was purchased by mistake.

These items are often offered at greatly reduced prices and can help save you some serious cash. Another way to save it to reuse some of the fixtures you already have. Maybe you think your mirror is ugly, however, you can create a cute frame around it and add a simple shelf to bring it to style. Also, your toilet might just need a new seat and a good cleaning.

Bathroom Remodeling


While granite and other natural stone are very popular trends at the moment. And, the bathroom countertops are usually a much smaller investment than say the kitchen, they still are pretty expensive. However, there are kits that you can use to basically paint your countertops to look like natural stone. While these kits are far less expensive, they do take up more time. However, if you are doing the bathroom remodel and have the time, then it won’t add to the bottom line.

Do it yourself!

While some people have no desire to ever do any home remodeling themselves, however, others like to tackle it. The bathroom is a small room but it does have quite a few components to it. If you plan to keep the plumbing intact there are many videos online that can help walk you through the rest of it. If you are not the “do it yourself” type then you will have to speak to a contractor about the various costs to determine what can stay and what must go. Start a list of what is important to you. For example, if you have nasty carpet in your bathroom, that is probably more of a priority then a new toilet, should there be nothing wrong with the one you currently have.

Keep the layout the same.

By keeping the layout the same you are avoiding the need to call a plumber. While some people are quite handy, this is an area that we don’t recommend you try at home. Leaking plumbing can cause all kinds of problems down the road.

Limit the amount of tile needed

Tiles can get rather expensive to get professionally done. However, the tile itself can add up as well. Try to limit the amount of tile that you will need to complete your bathroom. By using alternative materials, you will save money but you don’t have to cut out that gorgeous tile looks that you love. By using the tile as an accent you are making it more of a focal point which many people love.

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