The renovation of bathroom involves several workstations. The renovation of the walls is an integral part of this and can be more or less complex depending on the desires. Find the information you need to redo the walls of your bathroom, the solutions, and the prices.

Renovation of Bathroom


Renovating the walls of a bathroom can be done in different ways. One will find among the most appreciated, the complete removal of the old wall covering, generally earthenware, in order to rest a new covering and which meets the desires of decoration of the new bathroom.

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To lay tiling, it is preferable that the support be healthy and, therefore, free of the old coating. It is then necessary to get down to the removal of the old tiles. If it is possible to do this task yourself, it is also possible to delegate it to a professional who will know how to remove the earthenware without damaging the support.

For removal of the tiles alone, a craftsman will take around 20 € / m². If you entrust him with the installation of the new coating and the renovation of the support, this amount drops to around 10 € / m². The price includes the extraction of rubble.


Once the old tiles have been removed, or the shower enclosure that you no longer want has been removed from the room, you may have to deal with a damaged and/or damp support.

To redo the walls of the bathroom, it is impossible to leave the supports with roughness or even worse, humidity. However, these situations are common when renovating a bathroom. A leak and the wall have accumulated moisture? Removal of tiling that leaves room for traces of glue or chips in the plaster? Do not panic, solutions exist.


Before renovating a damp wall, it is essential to treat the source of the dampness.

The problem may come from:

  • a leak in the shower or bathtub
  • steam linked to poor ventilation
  • of the structure (capillary rise)

Methods exist, more or less expensive depending on the origin of the humidity. A ventilation problem will be treated by installing a VMC, capillarity is more difficult and involves the arrival of a specialist who can then treat the wall with injections of resin. If the humidity comes simply from your bathtub, which allowed water to infiltrate the wall, you will have to wait for the latter to dry naturally.



Once the source of the problem has been dealt with, it is possible to renovate the support and then have a smooth wall to attack the installation of a new covering.

On an old damp wall or on a surface very damaged by the take-off of earthenware, the installation of new water-repellent plasterboards (green plates), is the ideal solution to start again on a healthy basis. It is then necessary to count 20 to 40 € / m² in supplies and installation. The installation of a waterproofing mat also makes it possible to treat the problems related to the humidity of the walls.

On old support with slight roughness, it will be necessary to remove traces of glue or coating beforehand, make new coatings to fill in the holes, and smooth the wall, before sanding everything down. A professional will take between 25 and 50 € / m² depending on the workload to be carried out.


Once the wall has been renovated, it is ready to receive a new coating. It is then possible to choose from different materials:

  • Paint suitable for spaces that are not in direct contact with water
  • A tiling
  • Natural stone, appreciated for its decorative aspect, its texture, and the differences in color
  • Waxed concrete that brings shades
  • PVC in plate or paneling
  • Special decorative coatings for showers and bathrooms, water-repellent, suitable for direct contact with water
  • The new coating must be well chosen for a perfect adaptation in the bathroom and according to its location. The installation by a professional will be ideal to have a lasting result.


Do you want to quickly renovate the walls of your bathroom as part of home staging? You do not want to spend too much money or time to find a bathroom up to date?

Laying over the old coating is possible. However, the latter must meet various criteria.

He must be:

  • stable and good quality
  • without level differences
  • non-porous
  • If your bathroom wall meets these requirements, then it is quite possible to install a suitable coating over old tiles, old paint, etc.

The advantages of PVC are numerous:

  • Light
  • Quick to lay
  • Easy to cut with a cutter
  • A material that is warm to the touch
  • Easy to maintain
  • Many finishes, colors, and looks are available from marble and concrete effect to wood and plain colors


The renovation plate has revolutionized the world of bathroom wall repairs.

An expensive solution, but very quick to set up, it is characterized in the form of compressed wooden panels, water-repellent and coated with a rot-proof coating, decorative, with various colors to personalize the renovation. The panels are large, can be cut, and stick to the support, in addition to clipping into rails to be placed on the floor and ceiling for perfect stability

Renovation of Bathroom

The 2.5 m² panel, on the other hand, costs around €300 without fixing or labor. They are still not very accessible although it is possible to find some references in DIY superstores.


Tile paint has experienced a real boom in recent years with good quality paints, resistant, and easy to implement.

The painting of a tile requires that it be in perfect condition, not chipped, well fixed, and clean. It will then be possible to apply paints without an undercoat and without primer, more expensive to buy, but more pleasant to apply. Traditional paints require a primer, a white undercoat, and then the final paint.

Even if this task seems tedious, it is much less so than a complete renovation of the tiling with the removal and refitting of earthenware.

However, it is necessary to choose quality paints and to proceed to an application in the rules of the art to guarantee good durability against water, cleaning, and time.