When you think of modern kitchens, you quickly think of things like the dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, islands, counters, and drawers; With all this, the room would be fully furnished and ready to prepare everything from meat to salads, right? Well no, because there is an element that is missing in the formula and that is essential to have a functional and perfectly cared for space: the smoke extractor.

It is a very important appliance in modern spaces that is often overlooked but if it is not placed, all the effort in the design of furniture, ceramic floors, the inclusion of high-quality elements will be lost between greasy walls and a penetrating odor from the last meal you had, which will tire guests and residents and will force you to apply odor eliminators or other techniques that slightly hide the feeling of discomfort.

Placing this simple element is the difference between an excellent kitchen and an unpleasant one, since it will take care of keeping the environment clean and give that final touch you are looking for to see a complete, harmonious room that dazzles from its ceiling to the Hansgrohe taps.

There is much variety
If you have the imagination that the extractor fans in modern kitchens will only have the traditional hood shape that you already know from movies or images you have seen on the internet but you do not like this style or it does not match the aesthetics of your room, there is no What to worry about, because it is so useful that manufacturers have insisted on establishing all kinds of decorations without their design or colors affecting the perception of the site.

You will be able to find traditional models towards the ceiling, on the wall, camouflaged among the furniture, under the upper cabinets, in the center of the stove, there are many alternatives available on the market, and the best of all is that, regardless of its structure external, are focused on providing the same benefits: eliminate odors, grease and smoke.

What happens if this device is not placed?
Many see this appliance as an optional item and the first thing they discard from their budget to save expenses that they consider “unnecessary”, but the reality is that doing without this appliance is extremely detrimental to your health. Cooking produces harmful gases for the human body, such as carbon monoxide, CO2, or formaldehyde; without an extractor, these contaminants will come into touch with the body and cause a variety of short and long-term illnesses.

And not only will they be a risk for the cook, but these gases will filter through the rest of the house, reaching the living room, the garden, the bathroom or the children’s room, affecting the quality of life of all the people present. and making them prone to skin problems, asthma symptoms, headaches, dizziness or even the dreaded lung cancer.

Why do all modern kitchens need an extractor fan?
Better health
Air is one of the fundamental elements for the survival of the human being, no person would survive living near a constant fire or at least not with the same quality of health as someone who constantly breathes a clean environment; that is why it is important to protect the safety of the respiratory tract by filtering all those harmful elements.

By using a smoke extractor, you will keep the kitchen and in general all the rooms of the home free of all kinds of toxic and unpleasant elements; In addition, it eradicates the vapor that accumulates on the surfaces of the house and that makes it difficult to breathe properly, a very serious problem if someone with some type of pulmonary difficulties such as allergies or pneumonia lives in your home.

Likewise, polluted air is a breeding ground for different bacteria and fungi that tend to accumulate in the kitchen and that not only harm its aesthetics but also the state of health of you and the most vulnerable people such as children or the elderly.

protects aesthetics
Seeing the beautiful kitchen should not be limited to the first weeks after its installation, it is essential that this aesthetic is maintained over time, and for this it is important that techniques are followed that prevent the accumulation of elements that dirty the design; One of these is the fat that flies from the food and accumulates on the furniture and walls and makes them look deteriorated, dirty and neglected.

By implementing an extractor fan, you will trap that grease and accumulate it in a filter so that it does not fly around and dirty the kitchen, limiting the number of maintenance and deep cleaning that must be carried out to maintain the aesthetics of the design.