A bathroom is a place where you can get a relaxing bath to feel comfortable. Like the kitchen, it is the second place that is noticed by the visitors. When a person wants to invest in a home, the kitchen and bathroom are the main two rooms that are observed by the property hunters. That’s why a fully remodeled is considered to increase the overall value of a home. While bathroom remodeling in Oakland is an exciting prospect, there are some pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Bathroom Remodeling

Increase Property Value

One of the major advantages of bathroom remodeling is that it increases the value of your property. When you have a fully-remodeled bathroom, it would be appreciated by the purchasers. Having a well-renovated bathroom will help you in retrieving up to 62% back on what you put on it. Thus, bathroom remodeling will provide you with the highest return on investment.


Having a remodeled bathroom provides you with safety. Sometimes there may be a bathroom that needs heavy repairs or replacements, which is unsafe for you and your family. This is true in the case of aged pipes or bathtubs that are not fixed which can cause water damage and lead to costly repairs.

Flexible Designing

Bathroom remodeling helps in getting the look you are wanting for it. It can be personalized according to the design whichever you want so that you can get relaxed in the most important room of your house. You can give it a new look by turning around the space from being worn out to a span area where you have modern tiles, sinks, faucets, and toilets.

Cons of Bathroom Remodeling


The remodeling costs are never as cheap as people think, especially bathroom remodeling. Depending on the level of remodeling you need for your bathroom, the cost may vary. So, before starting the project, you are advised to have an idea of what you want and how much it will cost.

Time Consuming

Bathroom remodeling is a time-consuming task. Sometimes, the workers are not punctual as you hoped. So, the task that is considered by you to be done in two weeks will be completed in three to four weeks in actuality.

By keeping both pros and cons in mind, you need to weigh up your own needs and then make the decision about bathroom renovation. Call the professionals of Green Group Remodeling to discuss your remodeling needs and get some ideas.