The bathrooms in your home are one of the two places having the most traffic, alongside the kitchen. This is why, when it comes to remodeling, you need to make sure these two places are given the most importance. The issue with renovation is, the more importance you give to a place, the more it will end up costing to remodel. 

The average bathroom remodels cost in the united states is around $10000, but the cost can vary depending on a lot of factors. These factors include the fixtures, the size of the bathroom, the materials used, the labor cost, etc. If you use any smart technologies in your bathrooms or make any changes to the adjacent rooms, the price will also differ.

Let’s take a detailed look at the costs of remodeling a bathroom. 

How much does bathroom remodeling cost?

Your bathrooms not only have most traffic than most either parts of your home, but it also affects the reputation of your home.

A clean and stylish bathroom goes a long way to enhance the reputation of the homeowners as well as the aesthetics of the house itself. So, when you plan to renovate your house, make special plans for bathroom renovations.

How much does bathroom remodeling cost

On average bathroom renovation, costs can be as much as 15% of the total cost of the entire remodeling process. The average cost to renovate a bathroom in the USA is $10000, the minimum being $2500 and the maximum cost being $30000. But this average cost is only an estimate, as there are a lot of factors at play that influences the cost of bathroom renovation. 

Here are the main factors to determine bathroom remodel cost:

1. Showers

One of the biggest factors that influence the cost of remodeling a bathroom is the shower. Since there are a lot of different shower types to choose from, shower remodeling costs can range from $500 to all the way to $5000. 

Also, if you want to install bathtubs with your shower, the price will go up even further. Bathtub prices range from $4200 to $11000, but there are exceptions to these as well, depending on the material and design. 

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2. Toilets


Another major factor that changes the cost of bathroom remodeling is the toilets you have in them. Like showers, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to toilets. On average, toilets cost around $375 to install. But the cost can go as high as $8000, so choose your toilets accordingly. 

3. Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most integral parts of your bathroom, helping you store things. But no matter what you do, don’t try to install cabinets yourself, instead look for professionals. The cost of cabinets varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, which is why you should do a bit of market research before deciding to buy one. The average cost of cabinets ranges from $1200 to $13000. 

4. Sinks

You can’t have a bathroom without a sink, can you? So, whenever you plan for a bathroom renovation, keep the price of installing sinks in your mind. The cost of installing sinks can be anywhere from $215 to $5000. The cost depends on the type of sink as well as its materials. 


5. Countertops

The countertops in a bathroom say a lot about the taste of the homeowner. But it is not wise to go overboard with countertops as well. The cost of countertops installation can vary between $400 to $4300 depending on the materials and labor costs. 

6. Floorings

Another important aspect of a bathroom renovation is to choose the right kind d of flooring. While installing flooring, you need to choose one that will not deteriorate because of coming in contact with water. This is why tiles are the most popular choice of flooring in bathrooms. Depending on the type of tiles, the cost of installing them will vary from $12.5 to $40, including all costs. 

7. Plumbing

You can install all the high-end fixtures in your bathroom, but all of it will be for naught if you don’t have the right plumbing. The plumbing in your bathroom has to be perfect for it to be a properly functioning one. So, bring in professionals to install the plumbing in your bathroom, which will cost anywhere around $1400 for the materials and between $45 to $200 per hour for the labor. 


8. Paint

The paint in your bathroom is also very important in retaining or enhancing your reputation as well as the aesthetics of the bathroom. The paint has to be suitable for the moist conditions inside the bathroom. You can paint your bathroom yourself to save yourself some money. Depending on the quality of the paint, it can cost you between $350 to $750. 

9. The bathroom size

The size of the bathroom also plays a big part in determining how much it will cost you to remodel one. The larger your bathroom is, the more you have to pay to renovate it. For instance, master bathrooms can cost around $32000 to be renovated. On the other hand, small bathroom remodeling can cost around half that amount. 

The bathroom size

10. Labor cost

The labor costs take up more than half of your total costs to remodel a bathroom. The costs of labor depend on a lot of factors. The size of your bathroom, the number of workers working and even the geographical location can influence the labor cost of bathroom remodeling. The per-hour labor costs in the USA can vary between $50 to $75 per hour. 

11. Materials used

The kind of materials used to renovate a house always has a nig impact on the total cost. Bathrooms are no exception to this. The higher the quality of the products used, the more will be the costs of renovating your home. So, you need to take a look at your budget before deciding which materials you are going to use to remodel your bathroom. 

12. Installation of smart technology

The cost to remodel your bathroom will considerably increase if you want to install smart technology in it. Voice-operated controls, music coming from the toilet, etc technologies will cost a lot, so it’s wise to adjust your budget accordingly. 

13. Changes made to the adjacent rooms

If due to remodeling your bathroom, any changes have to be made to the rooms adjacent to it, you will have to spend more money. The labor cost, material costs, etc, will increase a lot to accommodate the changes made to the rooms adjoining the bathrooms. 

Final Words

Calculating bathroom remodels costs while making the budget for renovating your home is a great idea. Since renovating your bathroom takes a lot of money, you can’t ignore the impact of these costs on the total budget. So, consider the aforementioned costs and pick your choices of fixtures, labor, and materials accordingly. 


1. What costs the most in a bathroom remodel?

The parts of the bathroom renovation process that cost the most are the labor costs, and the costs to install tiles and plumbing. 

2. How much does a new bathroom cost?

If you want to build a new bathroom from scratch, it will cost more than remodeling an older one. The cost of building a new bathroom ranges between $125 to $250. The costs change depending on the bathroom size, materials used, etc. 

3. Is remodeling a bathroom worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth remodeling a bathroom. First, remodeling a bathroom will cost a lot less than building a new one. Second, it also increases the home’s resale value by a lot.